'As I stumble along life's perilous path, facing up to all and sundries,

I'll always do my best to laugh and wear some nice clean undies.'


When we were in year 4 at school our teacher, Mr Davis asked us to write our own life mantra. The above was mine and I still live by it today. That was the first clear sign to my teachers and parents that maybe I was going to be more of a 'creative' than an academic. I've always had an affinity with words and in particular rhyme and I knew from a young age that I wanted to be a writer when I grew up. However, saying you want to be a writer was akin to saying you wanted to be a singer or a stuntman, and as I got older I was steered towards a more conventional employment path - though I always continued to write as a hobby.


I spent my early twenties working in the financial industry and simultaneously volunteering as a Special Con in the Police - mainly so I could inject some form of excitement in to my working week. Eventually I couldn't stand the monotony of finance any longer, so I quit the rat-race and fled to Italy where I got a teaching-assistant job teaching English in a primary school just outside Venice. This is where I finally decided to persue my childhood ambition of working with words. I secured an intern position at a media and marketing agency in New York and spent 6 months working alongside a variety of teams and assisting in copywriting, content, research, brainstorming, budgeting for client campaigns and new business pitches for consumer promotions. I moved back to London in 2011 and to this day I continue to work with creative agencies and production houses on a huge variety of creative campaigns.


Along with my copy and content work I also enjoy writing poems and children's literature and am very proud to be the youngest ever winner of the United Press National Poetry Award with my poem 'A British Heart' and to have also published 'Nana's Knickers' - my first of hopefully many children's picture books. I also write greetings cards, crosswords, comedy shorts for radio and hope in a few years to write and produce a television sitcom series.


Writing is my passion - which is why any job I undertake, however big or small, I approach it with a huge amount of enthusiam and determination to produce the very best piece of work I can. That is the promise I give to all of my clients, so if you need help in any aspect of copy, creative content, campaign strategy and brand management then please don't hesitate to get in touch.





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