"As I stumble along life's perilous path, facing up to all and sundries,

I'll always do my best to laugh and wear some nice clean undies."

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The Story So Far...


Hello! Welcome to my website.


As you should probably know by now, my name is Nico, and as you can see, I do a few different things in life. It all started back in 1980something when I was born and then proceeded to grow up on The Wirral in Cheshire with my Mum, Dad and two older sisters. I spent many a happy evening writing stories, making up jokes and playing in the garden with my two alsatian dogs, when actually I should have been reading books and doing my Latin homework.


I went to Birkenhead School and from there went on to 'study' at Oxford Brookes University before taking a year out to travel around Austrailia, Canada, and Singapore. On my return I got my first job at a trademark and patent firm in Liverpool before moving into finance and eventually, after various stepping stones, I found myself as an Underwriter for a division of Lehman Brothers.


Even though I was stuck behind a desk during the day, the nights were very different. During my twenties I trained to instructor level in the martial art of Jeet Kune Do and joined the Police Force as a Special Constable, serving for ten years in total before hanging up my badge, cuffs and mini magnifying glass that I won in a christmas cracker and which I always kept in my police vest for investigations. Although very scary and dangerous at times, it was an incredibly rewarding experience and taught me an awful lot about myself and the World that the general public, thankfully, don't get to see all that often.











Though I was still playing the part of Underwriter 5 days a week, I still spent a copious amount of time writing stories, dabbling in a form of song-writing, making up jokes and fondly remembering my two now dead alsatians, and gradually started to realise that despite the money and then security of my career in finance, it wasn't my passion and it wasn't at all what I wanted to do. During meetings about Libor, negative amortisation, and ombudsmen, instead of fastidiously taking notes like everybody else, I found myself wondering when would be an appropriate time to lean across and dig in to the plate of chocolate bourbons or what on Earth made Derek wear that combination of shirt and tie. When my lurch to the bourbons was met with tuts, my mind was made up! In 2008 I abandoned the rat-race and fled to Venice where I got a job, first as an assistant manager in a little hotel and then as a teaching assistant in a small private primary school in Padova. (Latin was thankfully not part of the syllabus).











After a wonderful year in Venice it was time to move on, next stop: New York City! I got a job as a production assistant for a film company and also took a course in photography, videography and editing in FCP. before spending a few months as an intern for an advertising agency in Manhattan.










In 2010 I moved to London and set up as a freelance copywriter, photographer and editor and also began writing more poetry and working on my first children's book, 'Nana's Knickers'.


The trouble about writing and editing is that it's a very solitary job, and the trouble about living in London is that it's unbelievably expensive - even for a sausage roll. £4.75 for a 3 inch sausage roll! I needed to find something to do where I would meet new people, allow me to still get on with work at times and provide a steady stream of income to help cover bills and pastries. As well as this it also had to be interesting and exciting. Say hello to the World of film and television! What began as a bit of a laugh has become a huge part of my life and I have been lucky enough to be part of some huge productions and work with some incredible people. Underwriter turned Storm Trooper. Who would've thought it.











I still continue to work in film and television and pop up here and there and where you least expect me - so keep your eyes peeled! I have also enjoyed success with my writing, winning the National Poetry Award in 2012 with my poem 'A British Heart' and with the publication of my first children's book, Nana's Knickers in 2014. I have started work on two sitcoms which I would love to get in to production in the next year and my next children's book 'A Camel, A King and some Carrots' is ready for illustration and should be out next summer.


So what's next? Well, it could be anything, so watch this space...